Teterboro Airport's flight path to be rerouted following residents’ concerns

Teterboro Airport’s flight path is being rerouted following complaints and concerns from some Bergen County residents.
Planes often fly over Prospect Avenue in Hackensack, an area that is densely populated with high-rise buildings. This is right in the descent path and some residents say that the planes get a little too close to the buildings. Hackensack University Hospital is also under that flight path.
Other residents say that the noise from the aircrafts is also a concern.
Now there is hope that the new route will ease their minds and ears.
"The new flight path is just slightly west of here. What it will do is it will follow the whole Route 17, the whole way down,” says Hackensack Deputy Mayor Kathleen Canestrino.
The deputy mayor says that pilots will have a clear line of vision above Route 17 and that it's much lower in elevation and lined with businesses, not residences. She added that the Federal Aviation Administration went "above and beyond" to address the community's concerns.