Support for the St. Peter's Peacocks spills over into local Jersey City businesses

Support of the Saint Peter's Peacocks continues along with support for businesses in Jersey City.
Whether you're a basketball fan or not, everyone has jumped on the bandwagon in support of the Peacocks. The players on the Saint Peter's men's basketball team, have captured the eyes of the nation, New Jersey and Jersey City on their Cinderella run.
"It's a big deal, when you're from Jersey City the pride is real, you always wanted anything associated with Jersey City to be successful," says resident Chris Baker.
Bars across the city are hosting watch parties on the nights the Peacocks play. The Departed Soles Brewery has dedicated the "Busted Bracket" brew to the team. The manager, Brant Schweinsberg, says it's all about community.
That Busted Bracket brew sold out twice. They plan to release another brew called Elite8 percent IPA, but they have not said when.
"We're going to talk about community nonstop and that's what this is all about and not just here, but every bar in Jersey City was packed last night. Restaurants were packed, and it's so much fun to watch. This is the shot in the arm that the entire industry needs and we're super thankful for everybody that comes out."
The added attention to the city is surely giving businesses a boost, including the school.
"I feel like Saint Peter's is going to have a lot of enrollment next year, so it's definitely great and it's great for the community," says Kimberly Rybka, a Saint Peter's alumna.
"Hudson County and Jersey City are really huge economic drivers for the state, but to also have the cultural and the sports aspect of it, really be highlighted, I think is wonderful," says Maria Nieves, of the Hudson County Chamber of Commerce.
There's been no shortage of support for the Saint Peter's Peacocks as well as Jersey City as the Cinderella story continues.
"Sometimes we get a bum rap, we're like an extension of New York City. Sorry folks, Jersey City and, of course, Jersey, is its own great entity, and we're really proud of what we've become," says Tom Parisi, owner of Brightside Tavern Bar.