Supermarkets: Shopping basket theft 'unintended consequence' of NJ's plastic, paper bag ban

Grocery store workers are frustrated at some shoppers stealing plastic baskets in the wake of the plastic and paper bag ban in New Jersey.
Joe Corrado, the owner of Corrado's Market, says he thinks most shoppers who take the baskets aren't doing it on purpose.
"I don't think they're doing it intentionally, but they're just taking it, putting stuff in the basket and just walking out,” he says. "It puts you in a bad position because you have to embarrass somebody."
It's happening at stores all across the Garden State, including Stop & Shop.
The chain told News 12 New Jersey in a statement, "Like other retailers across the state, we have experienced theft of our hand-held shopping baskets - an unintended consequence of the ban on plastic and paper bags. We continue to encourage and remind shoppers to bring their own bags, as well as offer our own durable and affordable two for $1 reusable bags in store."
Corrado says he's optimistic that people will start to remember to drop the basket at checkout.
"I think it's going to die down soon. It's like everything else, it takes time,” he says.
Managers at Corrado's Markets encourage shoppers to remember to bring their own reusable bags from home or to buy them in the store