Superintendent awaits comprehensive plan on next steps after independent test finds chemicals at Colonia HS

The superintendent of the Woodbridge School District is reassuring parents that the next steps are in motion in response to an independent test that found chemicals at Colonia High School.
"We have asked the environmental consultant to develop a comprehensive plan of action that will provide a framework for the testing that will be conducted," says Superintendent Dr. Joseph Massimino.
The independent study was conducted by Edyta Komorek, whose two daughters attend the school. Komorek's testing found that there are high levels of polychlorinated biphenyl (PCBs) in select areas of the building. Komorek has since pulled her daughters from the school.
The data is now being examined by scientists with the Department of Environmental Protection.
Komorek says she took the samples out of concern for her daughters. Komorek says she expects the state and Woodbridge Township to move quickly on the matter.
"I would expect them to mobilize with air sampling right away. Air sampling should be conducted in the building for pesticides and PCBs," says Komorek.
Earlier this week, Mayor John McCormac reassured parents that the township will do whatever the state DEP and Department of Health suggest.
Komorek says if further testing finds that the school is safe, she would let her daughters return to school.
Massimino says the district expects to have answers on how to proceed in a few days.