Sunshine starts off Wednesday, but rain develops by evening

New Jersey will have to deal with a bit of rain Wednesday, as temperatures rise around the state.
Storm Watch Team Meteorologist Dave Curren says that windy weather on Tuesday is churning up the pollen, causing some poor conditions for those who suffer from allergies.
Tuesday’s overnight hours will see partly cloudy skies, with temperatures dipping into the upper-50s.
Wednesday will start off sunny, with clouds developing by the afternoon. A weak weather system is expected to bring rain showers to New Jersey by the late evening and nighttime hours. Curren says that the rain won’t be too heavy but will be good for watering lawns. Daytime highs will be around 72 degrees, with overnight lows around 52 degrees.
Some of the rain may last into Thursday morning, with daytime highs around 72 degrees. Overnight lows will be around 51.
Temperatures will begin to really warm up on Friday and Saturday. Friday is expected to see daytime highs of around 81 degrees with partly cloudy skies.
Temperatures will really warm up for Saturday, with the possibility of daytime highs around 90 degrees. Some more rain is possible for Saturday as well.