STORM WATCH: Wonderful Saturday ahead; tracking stormy Sunday conditions

A beautiful start to the weekend with sun and mild air for Saturday. A coastal storm moves in for Sunday with wind-driven rains. 
TONIGHT: Quiet and on the milder side. Upper-30s may be chilly but above average for the middle of December.
SATURDAY: Wonderful, sun-filled skies and temps in the low-50s. Saturday night the clouds begin to collect and lows are in the low-40s.
SUNDAY: Clouds continue to collect. Showers could arrive as early as 2 p.m. The steadier and stormier weather begins after 5 p.m. Winds will become gustier throughout the day. Sunday night wind-driven rains. Street flooding could be possible. Coastal concerns with gusts at the shore reaching nearly 50 mph. The power could flicker at times.
MONDAY: The storm is moving further into New England and the conditions over New Jersey begin to taper. Expecting partly sunny skies for Monday afternoon. Daytime highs may nearly reach 60.