Bitter Blast: Monitoring road conditions in Asbury Park

News 12 New Jersey has been looking at road conditions in a number of townships including Ocean Township Neptune, Asbury Park and Manasquan.

Chris Keating and Rob Taub

Jan 19, 2024, 9:12 PM

Updated 147 days ago


Light snowfall continues to drop on the Jersey Shore.
News 12 New Jersey has been looking at road conditions in a number of townships including Ocean Township, Neptune, Asbury Park and Manasquan.
Along secondary roads in Asbury Park, there is still plowing and salting that needs to be completed before the temperatures start to drop. They’re still covered in slush and snow and could easily freeze.
Major state and county roads in Monmouth County are in really good shape when you consider the weather we’re experiencing.
Heavily traveled, Asbury Avenue, Route 33 and Route 66 in Neptune were all treated and easy for commuters who were getting to work this Friday.
Another area along the shore we checked in on was Manasquan. Main Street was well taken care of, and businesses are open as usual whether it was the bike shop or coffee shop. While there, we ran into plenty of people enjoying the snowfall including a couple of kids outside on a rare snow day. Others were just getting out. 17-year old Charlotte McKeon was outside enjoying the snow with her younger brother and sister.
“I think it’s my first snow day since freshman year so it’s pretty exciting, we were eager to get out into the snow," said McKeon.
Manasquan resident Danielle Norris left her kids to have fun at the playground while she took a stroll in the snow for something hot to drink along Main Street.
“I’m out because it’s snowing and why not, nothing else to do today," she said. "I needed a hot drink from Batch, and they were one of the only places open so I dropped my kids at the playground and came to get a Chai.”
In Asbury Park, we have seen some plows starting to get to work on these side roads.
The temperature along the shore has been hovering right around 29 and 30 degrees.

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