STORM WATCH: Stormy Friday afternoon in New Jersey; conditions expected to heat up next week

There will be wind-driven rains, with wind gusts approaching 58 mph. Large hail, thunder, lightning and flooding are expected on Friday.

Dave Curren

Jun 13, 2024, 10:33 AM

Updated 36 days ago


The forecast situation remains unchanged. The News 12 Storm Watch Team is keeping tabs on two weather events.
The first is the possible severe storms in northwestern New Jersey late Friday afternoon. There will be wind-driven rains, with wind gusts approaching 58 mph, large hail, thunder, lightning and flooding.
Be mindful tomorrow and take any warning that pops up seriously.
After the storms, the weather couldn't get any better in my book. I call days like we are expecting on Saturday and Sunday “Goldilocks Days” - Not too hot, Not too cold, but just right. Mainly sunny for both days this weekend.
There will be less humidity and comfortably warm temps.
Next week looks uncomfortable. A serious stretch of heat moves in. Humidity builds as well. It will be the area’s first round of multiple days of 90 degrees or hotter this year.
We haven't had a June heat wave in over a year, so get prepared now for the dangerous heat that is coming next week.
It may not be record-breaking, but it will be hot enough to get annoying quickly.

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