STORM DAMAGE: Tree crashes onto home in Marlboro following morning storms

This morning's storm left behind a lot of damage across New Jersey, including in Marlboro, where a tree crashed onto a house.
Neighbors say the boom was so loud that it shook their home.
"I went outside right away, and I said something fell. But again, I thought it was just one of the thousands of trees in the back and no big deal, and I came out and I went, 'Oh,’” says Ray Pedalino.
The tree crushed the home and part of Ray Pedalino's shed. Firefighters say the woman who lives in the home made it out OK and is now staying with family. Pedalino says it was quite a busy scene this morning after the storm.
“Sirens were going, everything was like Fourth of July type of thing,” says Pedalino. “You had firefighters, you had police, you had the emergency squad, about five to seven cars and trucks were here. JCP&L was here."
There were no injuries to report.