Stockton University offers minor, certificate program in cannabis studies

The legal marijuana industry in New Jersey means more job creation. And to make sure that there is a workforce behind recreational marijuana, one New Jersey university is making sure students get a foot through the door.
Students at Stockton University are able to take classes about the business of marijuana.
“I’m super excited since this is an amazing opportunity,” says Stockton student Cole Luterek.
Luterek is getting ready to jump into the cannabis industry in June full-time before he even graduates.
“I’m going to be an assistant grower at Prolific Grow House… I will be fertilizing the plants, I’ll be mixing the nutrients in the soil from taking cuttings and cloning them, pruning the plants, doing low-stress training and high-stress training techniques,” Luterek says.
Luterek is pursuing a minor in cannabis studies alongside fellow student Celaena Scheel, who is hoping to do something on the media end. Scheel currently hosts a podcast about marijuana.
“I hope to destigmatize everything and I hope to educate people, because it’s not just medicinal. It can be used recreationally. It can be used for topical treatments if you have skin disorders,” Scheel says.
Stockton University is offering both a minor and certificate program in cannabis studies, giving those interested a way to enter the industry and learn more about all aspects of it.
Luterek is a medical patient himself and says that he hopes more people will discover how cannabis can help and not harm.
"Even if they've never smoked cannabis, they might try it and go, ‘Oh my God, this helps me with my joint pain, with my back pain, with something that they were never expecting it to help with.’ And I’m excited that people are able to discover that now,” he says.
Recreational marijuana went on sale in New Jersey on April 21 at a dozen locations across the state.