Education Ambassador: Trinity Hall Junior Dayra Mejia-Reyes

Dayra Mejia-Reyes lives in Asbury Park and is a junior at Trinity Hall in Tinton Falls.

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Nov 30, 2020, 5:54 PM

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Education Ambassador: Trinity Hall Junior Dayra Mejia-Reyes
My name is Dayra Mejia-Reyes, a 16-year-old Mexican-American, born and raised in the city of Asbury Park.
All my life, I marveled at the idea growing up and achieving my wildest dreams. From a young age, my parents emphasized the importance of education as being the steps to success. Taking their word to heart, I have dedicated myself to my studies, participating in various extracurricular activities and volunteer work.
I am currently attending Trinity Hall in Tinton Falls and will be going into my junior year. This summer I had the wonderful opportunity of working in the Youth Ambassador Program with the city of Asbury Park. In light of the pandemic, this program provides the youth of Asbury Park with a summer job in handing out face masks, visitor guides, and providing visitors with information on the city. Now that summer is coming to an end, I’m delighted to provide a student perspective on the dynamics of school life in the midst of a global pandemic.
Nov. 30 - Dayra talks about the end of the trimester and how learning has changed.
Nov. 1 - Dayra explains how the weather is affecting her lunch and break periods during the school day.
Oct. 19 - Dayra discusses the recent surge in coronavirus cases and the anxiety felt by her friends and classmates about it.
Sept. 28 - Dayra talks about how in-person learning is very different this year, and how mornings can be a bit chaotic getting ready now.
 Sept. 13 - Dayra talks about preparing for in-person learning at Trinity Hall.

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