States move to crack down on 'vaccine tourism'

People across the tri-state are hopping state lines in droves hoping for quicker access to a COVID-19 vaccine - but now some states are cracking down. 
There are currently 20 states that allow non-residents to receive first dose appointments, but if you're thinking about taking a vaccine road trip or flight anytime soon, the clock is ticking because guidelines are changing fast.
When News 12's senior investigative reporter Tara Rosenblum began the investigation two weeks ago, Idaho was still scheduling appointments for non-residents. 
Idaho's Department of Health told News 12 that it had already issued more than 5,000 jabs to out-of-staters.
Fast forward one week later, when News 12 reached out again for the data - and found there was a major policy reversal.
Idaho's Department of Health director opted to enact a much stricter policy following complaints from residents who say they were frustrated watching out-of-staters move up the line before them.
"We want to make sure Idahoans who live here as much access to the vaccine as possible," says Idaho Department of Health Director Dave Jeppesen. "The supply in Idaho is not meeting the demand. That is why people should live or work in Idaho to be eligible."