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State AG sues 3 gun dealers; says weapons stolen from Pine Brook shop used in various crimes

The lawsuit states that FSS Armory broke New Jersey law by leaving firearms unsecured by a store window in their shop.

Chris Keating

Dec 13, 2023, 12:48 PM

Updated 189 days ago


The state of New Jersey is suing three gun dealers. One of those targeted by the state attorney general is a gun shop along Route 46 in Pine Brook called FSS Armory. The others mentioned in the lawsuit are firearms companies in Pennsylvania.
The lawsuit states that FSS Armory broke New Jersey law by leaving firearms unsecured by a store window in their shop. The suit mentions a theft that took place at the store on Jan. 6. It states that thieves broke through a store window and grabbed 20 weapons within arm’s reach.
The thieves got away with eight pistols, six shotguns, five rifles and one revolver. What happened next to those weapons is of major concern to police.
“Not only did they not secure their firearms, not only did they keep them within arm’s reach of the window, but they put pictures of where the loose firearms were on their website and search engines,” atate Attorney General Matthew Platkin stated.
After those guns were stolen, those thieves used those guns hours later to rob a jewelry store in Passaic. At a later date, some of the weapons were confiscated by police while being sold in Queens. At another time, one of those guns was found in Paterson while police were raiding an illegal nightclub.
The lawsuit also states that two other gun dealers were illegally selling so-called ghost guns to New Jersey residents at gun shows in Pennsylvania. The companies are identified as Eagle Shows and JSD Supply. Both are operated by the same owner.
“They had billboards on our highways just over the Ben Franklin Bridge,” Platkin said. “They weren’t asking for any kind of background check. They weren’t asking if you were eligible to have a firearm in your state. They weren’t asking for state identification.”
Platkin says the vast majority of guns used in crimes in New Jersey are from out of state. This lawsuit is an attempt to stop that.
The lawsuit calls for damages to be paid by these companies and for these dealers to change the way they do business.
The owners of FSS Armory did not wish to comment on the lawsuit.

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