Staffing issues force Montclair schools to remain remote despite scheduled reopening

Students in Montclair will have to wait longer than they anticipated to return to the classroom.
Montclair schools were scheduled to reopen for a hybrid model of instruction Monday, but staffing issues are preventing it from happening.
District leaders claim it's because they could not properly staff their schools. The Montclair Education Association, the teacher's union representing the staff in the district, believes it isn't safe to return, citing a variety of issues with ventilation and disinfecting methods used in the schools.
District leaders were expected to meet with representatives from the Montclair Education Association on Saturday as part of a mediation process. The details of the meeting are being described as confidential by leaders of the Montclair Education Association.
Parents also expressed frustration with the delay in opening schools. “We were all a bit disappointed about it,” says Antoine Vuillermet. “I mean, she was really looking forward to it and I think it was pretty sad to hear it.”
Teachers believe expediting vaccinations for teachers will help get staff back in the classroom sooner. Some parents plan to rally Monday morning near Edgemont Park at 8 a.m. to voice their concerns over the delay.