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Staff Picks: Carissa Lawson offers 3 pieces of advice for 'momagers'

Find out how News 12's Carissa Lawson spends her time as a 'momager.'

News 12 Staff

Nov 17, 2020, 3:36 PM

Updated 1,313 days ago


You may know Carissa Lawson as the morning anchor for News 12 New Jersey – but what you may not know is when she’s not anchoring the news, she is a “momager.” What’s a momager? It’s someone who’s not just a mom but also manages their child’s entertainment career, and Carissa juggles her daughter’s mini-career as a kid model!
Carissa’s daughter had her first gig when she was just 11 months old! She’s now almost 10 years old, and Carissa says she’s still enjoying the business.
As parents find out about her daughter’s career, and they’re interested in getting their child in the business, they often turn to Carissa for advice. So here are Carissa’s top three pieces of advice!
1 – Try to get your child a kid modeling agent, but never sign on with an agent who asks for a high amount of money upfront.
2 – If your child starts off in the business as a baby or toddler, it’s not necessary to pay for professional pictures or head shots. Others have told her all you need are some really great photos taken on your phone or camera. You can find your own photographer for pictures as your child gets older.
3 – Make sure to check in with your child throughout their career. And make sure they still love it as it progresses!
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