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‘It’s a privilege to spend my career as a storyteller.’ News 12’s Ty Milburn reflects on his career in journalism.

Milburn has been in the news business for two decades, chronicling the stories and the lives of people in the diverse communities he has lived.

News 12 Staff

Mar 17, 2021, 8:16 PM

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By Ty Milburn
I’ve been in the news business for two decades. Time has flown by. After all these years, I can still say that I find it a privilege that I get to spend my career as a storyteller, telling the stories of everyday people, from all walks of life in the communities where I have lived.
While at times, this job is the greatest fun, like the time I repelled down a 40-foot wall during a military exercise. Or all the times you see me showing off super, fancy mansions.
But when you’re covering your community, it’s hard to ignore all the tragedy. And that can be quite sobering. I have covered many stories of life and death. I’m often meeting people on the worst day of their lives - and bearing witness to so many painful moments. Those stories are hard to let go of.
The most rewarding stories I cover on any day are the ones where I’m learning something or the ones where I am inspired by people.
One life changing story I covered was about this woman, Sister Fern. She lives in Peekskill, where she also owns a business. On the weekends, she gives tours that she calls the Underground Railroad Tour. She takes people on a journey of all of the places where runaway enslaved people would seek out and hide en route to freedom in Canada. I got chills on that tour. I learned a lot about my own history. It touched me to my core. I couldn’t wait to turn it into piece that I hoped would have the same impact on our viewers.
Last summer, I covered some Black Lives Matter protests. I’ve reported on many protests over the years, but these were next level activism. These young people of all ages and races were fearless and determined, as they fought for rights and a better society.
In November, I had the honor of covering a judicial race in the city of Yonkers, where two Black women were hoping to become the first Black judges in the city’s history – and they both won!
And in January, I met up with a number of young girls, inspired by our new Vice President Kamala Harris. One of the interviewees was my 7-year-old little friend, Chloe. Her answer to an off- hand question had everyone feeling both inspired and optimistic about the future.
What I love about being a storyteller, is every day, I have a chance to tell a different story. Maybe make a difference in people’s lives. And, perhaps most importantly, learn something myself!

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