St. Peter’s University sees uptick in admission applications as Peacocks advance to Sweet 16

The Cinderella story of the St. Peter’s men’s basketball team has sparked interest in the university across the country, quickly leading to a rise in applications and potentially to enrollment.
This could mean more revenue for the private university located in Jersey City.
“I fell in love with the school as soon as I got here,” says junior Kimberly Rojas.
Wanting to spread the St. Peter’s love and pride is why Rojas has been giving campus tours ever since her freshman year. She says the last few tours have been different.
“A lot of people asking about sports and more about what is St. Peters. I love being a part of that,” Rojas says.
The St. Peter’s admissions department says it has noticed an uptick in interest in the school since the Peacocks started to advance in the NCAA Tournament. Since the team’s win over Kentucky, the university has received more than 80 new applications from prospective students. Normally during a week in March, the school does not see any new applications.
Beth Sullivan, vice president of enrollment, management and marketing at St. Peter’s, says she believes all those new applications for the fall 2022 session are a direct result of what is happening on the basketball court.
“Sports, as we know from other schools that had this Cinderella effect, is a way to have a burst into awareness, but also through admissions and visiting campus,” Sullivan says.
The growing interest isn’t just from people in Jersey City and Hudson County. Interest is coming from across the country.
Researchers tell Forbes Magazine that the so-called “Cinderella effect” could increase freshman enrollment at St. Peter’s by 4.4% or $800,000, a decent amount for a small college.
Meanwhile, those who are already fans of the team and the school say they are happy to share the Peacock pride with the world.
“That’s been our story for 150 years. Opportunities for generations means something. We are a school that transforms students’ lives,” Sullivan says.
St. Peter’s has already accepted 85% of its fall 2022 class but is keeping the remainder open for a rolling admission.