Springsteen fans arrive at MetLife Stadium early to tailgate ahead of concert

Fans of Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band arrived at MetLife Stadium in East Rutherford early on Wednesday to tailgate and pregame ahead of the concert.
This is the first night of Springsteen’s three-night concert event at MetLife.
Tailgater Sam Gaitemak says he has seen “The Boss” 10 times and keeps coming back for more.
"When I was young, you really didn’t have any pride about New Jersey. Everybody busted you because of Newark airport and you’re flying on in. But Bruce Springsteen gave you an identity and he started talking about things that you knew,” Gaitemak says. “You realized that where you were from was a pretty cool place. And then when you started talking to people, you realize there was a sense of community."
There were some questions about Springsteen’s health after he postponed shows scheduled in Philadelphia earlier this month. Those shows were rescheduled for next year.
Tickets for the MetLife shows are still available.