Spinning a bad situation into a sweet new venture: DJ opens ice cream shop in Ocean County

A DJ in Ocean County is spinning a bad situation into a sweet new venture, opening an ice cream shop in Point Pleasant Beach. "I never thought in million years, an ice cream store, and now here I am,” says Michael Langsner. Langsner has spent years dropping beats.
"I've been a partner at Xplosive Entertainment, which is a New Jersey-based entertainment company focusing on wedding and bar-bat mitzvahs,” says Langsner. “We do a lot of corporate work as well.”
When the coronavirus pandemic dropped most of his events, he decided to open Haven's Sweet Shop back in July.
"It's more of a boutique style shop,” says Langsner. "I found really high-quality ice creams. At least one vegan flavor and at least two low or no sugar options as well. Candies, chocolate-covered pretzels, fudge and plenty of sweets."
The pandemic took life in a different direction, and created opportunity along the way.
"I didn't want to look back at the end of the pandemic and say, 'well that was a waste of six months or a waste of a year,” says Langsner. “Many years from now, I can look back and say I tried something. I believe by that point, it will be a community staple and you know a household name."
Haven's Sweet Shop is named after Langsner's 6-year-old daughter. He says he plans to run the shop and still DJ once events pick back up.