Special eatery opens for employees at new Bell Works building

A brand-new eatery has opened inside what was once the old Bell Labs in Holmdel.
Bell Market is made up of five new eateries inside what is now Bell Works. The old laboratory is now a “metroburb,” home to several smaller tech companies all sharing space.
“The success of Bell Works hinges on the success of Bell Markets,” says Bell Works co-owner Ralph Zucker.
Toms River native Richard Corbo, a chef by trade who graduated from Christian Brothers Academy in Lincroft, started Bell Market with his wife.
“My wife and I were living in the city, I was the chef of Tribeca Grill and we were thinking about getting out of the city,” Corbo says. “I was always so fond of this area, great memories of it and we jumped on the opportunity to move here.”
“Instead of opening up a restaurant in Asbury Park or in Red Bank we thought this could really be our home,” says Corbo’s wife Chantelle.
The Corbos says that as more businesses move into Bell Works, there’s the potential for their customer base to grow.
Zucker says that in addition to Bell Market, Bell Works has many other amenities for the people who work there.
“You’ll be able to come here and do your banking; drop your kids off at daycare; go to the library; pick up a cup of coffee; have lunch; have dinner; get a drink,” he says.
Zucker says that there are also plans to put a hotel on the roof of Bel Works.
About 3,500 people currently work at Bell Works. About 7,000 are expected to work in the building by 2020.
The Bell Labs building was recently named New Jersey’s most iconic building.