Somerset rescue workers say new gear is essential

Local rescue workers say their equipment is becoming outdated, and that new gear will greatly assist them in saving lives.
Robert McDonnell, assistant chief of the Hillsborough Rescue Squad, says the squad?s manufacturers change almost yearly and that it would be beneficial if they could get newer equipment to keep up.
The squad is looking to purchase state-of-the-art equipment and a brand new rescue truck to go along with it. They say they?ve outgrown their current truck, and that its benches that used to hold people are now cluttered with equipment.
The squad is looking to purchase an almost 24-foot long rescue box with seats for six crew members. The new truck would come with brand new gear and would have extra room to accommodate for new technological advances in the future.
The truck and gear will cost the town nearly $750,000 to purchase. The rescue squad says they are hoping to borrow the money from the county, and that being in debt is worth saving lives.
The community will vote on the proposal to buy the new equipment at a meeting in March. If passed, the rescue squad says they hope to have everything and begin using it within one year.