S.I.C. Film School in Yonkers opens hologram studio to serve youth and education

S.I.C Film School in Yonkers opened the world's first hologram studio that is dedicated to serving youth and education.
Officials from the film school said the studio is the first and only of its kind in the Hudson Valley. They wanted to make sure that youth in the area can use it. Officials announced that they were giving away over 1,000 free holograms to young people at the grand opening event.
"S.I.C is all about not gatekeeping if you will," Jordan Mendez, a S.I.C student, said.
The $22 million contribution will help the youth create social impact content that ultimately advocates for change in the community.
Young creatives, like Mendez, told News 12 that they were grateful to the film school's founder, Hezues R., for this investment.
"I think that Hezues has the right lens on it, in so far, as he's allowing us to really express our full creativity without having to feel like we don't have the opportunities to do it," Mendez said.
Hezues didn't always have it easy growing up himself. It's part of the reason why he said he's so passionate about pouring into this portion of the population.
"The $22 million commitment that I'm giving away isn't an arbitrary number. It's based on my past. When I was 22 years old, I was shot at 22 times," Hezues said.
He added that he was able to turn his life around and now dedicates his days to inspiring others through his love of media and technology.
"If we can get thousands, or millions, of kids to create positive content, we can change the course of humanity," Hezues said.