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‘She’s my princess.’ Husband of slain Sayreville council member speaks exclusively to News 12

It has been over two months since Sayreville Council Member Eunice Dwumfour was gunned down outside her apartment.

Matt Trapani

Apr 20, 2023, 2:27 AM

Updated 428 days ago


It has been over two months since Sayreville Council Member Eunice Dwumfour was gunned down outside her apartment.
Dwumfour’s husband, Nigerian pastor Ezechukwu Peter Akwue, was in Africa when she was killed on Feb. 1.
“She’s queen. She’s my princess. She’s everything,” Akwue says.
He has been in New Jersey for the last month hoping for a resolution to the case. He spoke exclusively with News 12 New Jersey as he calls on authorities to get justice for his wife.
“Belief is certainty, if I may use that word, because when you believe in something, all your hope, all your effort, everything is end up in that,” Akwue says.
Akwue says he believes in the power of his Pentecostal international megachurch – Champions Royal Assembly – that he’s a pastor at in Nigeria - and Dwumfour attended in Newark.
“We are all royal people. According to the Bible, we are princes,” he says.
He says that he believes in love at first sight.
“I saw her, and I fell in love with her and approached her, and I said, ‘I want to marry you,’” Akwue says.
As the couple prepared to take their vows, they needed to decide where to live. Dwumfour wanted to stay in the United States and Akwue wanted to stay in Nigeria. Dwumfour won out, and they pledged in writing they would live in America and gave that letter to a spiritual adviser.
Investigators have questioned people connected to their church, including Sayreville Council President Christian Onouha, who lives in the apartment complex where Dwumfour was killed.
Onouha said that Dwumfour was staying with him. Akwue says that this is probably true.
“Because I’m not here…They’re all families. They’re all the same church,” he says.
Akwue says he does not know what Dwumfour did for the nonprofit Fire Congress Fellowship, where she is listed as treasurer. He admits it is a little strange that he cannot answer a question like, “What does your wife do for a living.”
“Yesterday, I cried. I was watching the funeral, I cried. Seeing her pictures, I cried,” he says.
He says that he cannot believe that his wife is gone.
The killing remains unsolved. The Middlesex County Prosecutor’s Office did not return a request for comment from News 12 on the status of the investigation.

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