‘She is their all-star patient here’: 102-year-old woman receives COVID-19 vaccine at Dover nursing center

Several senior citizens, including a 102-year-old woman, living in Regency Grande Nursing Home in Dover received their COVID-19 vaccinations today. 
“I’m happy to get it because I don’t want to get that miserable,” says Ann Eisele.
Eisele is a resident at the nursing center, and is the first to receive the Pfizer vaccination in the facility. 
“She is their all-star patient here, 102,” says granddaughter Christine Greenwood. “She’ll be 103 this year and you spoke to her, she’s pretty with it for that age.”
Eisele says it’s upsetting that the virus has caused as much pain and heartache as it has for so many, and hopes her example will lead to better days for everyone. 
“I just hope everybody gets well and nobody gets hurt again,” says Eisele.
A representative from Walgreens administered the vaccination. She then went back inside to vaccinate the other residents and employees. They’ll all get the second Pfizer dose later this month.