Scarsdale man convinced he recorded UFO outside his apartment building

A Scarsdale man says he is convinced he saw an unidentified flying object.
Dave Rivera says he was sitting down on a swingset outside his apartment building last week when he saw something odd in the sky.
"It didn't look like a drone, didn't have propellers, no engine, a nice circular figure, very shiny with blue light," he says.
He took out his phone and started recording it.
"When you zoom in, this thing is oscillating out of control and disappears out of frame," he says.
According to the UFO Reporting Center, last year there were 289 sighting statewide compared to 189 in 2019. Rivera says he's just glad he got video of it as evidence.
News 12 showed the video to Westchester Community College Professor Paul Robinson. He's been teaching physics and astronomy at the college for the past 16 years.
He says it could be a drone or a high-altitude balloon.
"To go with that extraordinary explanation of an alien aircraft, you need extraordinary evidence to go with it, and so far, I'm not seeing that here," he says.
Rivera says he wasn't much of a believer in UFOs before -- but now he is.
"I saw this with my own eyes, I don't need convincing all that much. I know what I saw," he says
Rivera plans to send the video to researchers for further review.