River flooding remains a concern; scattered showers overnight

Parts of New Jersey are still under the threat of flooding from heavy rainstorms that impacted the state Thursday night.
Storm Watch Team Meteorologist Michele Powers says scattered rain showers tonight and Saturday won’t make the flooding any worse, however. Powers says that the rivers will gradually recede throughout the next few days.
Friday night will see scattered rain showers through the overnight hours and into Saturday morning. Overnight lows will cool into the mid-40s.
Saturday will start off rainy, but the sun is expected to return by Saturday afternoon. Daytime highs will be around 56 degrees. Saturday night will see some clouds, with overnight lows cooling into the low-40s.
Sunday is expected to see a mix of sun and clouds. Daytime highs will be in the low-50s. Sunday night will see mostly clear skies, with temperatures dipping to around 40 degrees.
Temperatures are expected to warm for the upcoming week, with the possibility of 75 degrees by Tuesday.