Report: Anonymous letter regarding missing Bridgeton girl received by family spokeswoman

Missing Bridgeton 5-year-old Dulce Maria Alavez is the subject of an anonymous letter campaign, with three handwritten items reported in Ohio and another letter arriving in New Jersey, according to a published report.
Jackie Rodriguez, who's been acting as a spokeswoman for Dulce's family, says she received a letter. The letter, which has since been turned over to the police, had no return address and contained slips of paper with barely legible phrases.
The three handwritten items have been reported to two Ohio police departments. They include one letter and two index cards.
The zip code on the card traced it back to Culiacan, Mexico.
The index card was mailed to Hollywood Gaming at Mahoning Valley Race Course, but contained details referencing a location in Austintown, prompting a search Saturday night and Sunday that included drones and cadaver dogs. Austintown is located between Pittsburgh and Cleveland.
The other index card was found inside the mailbox of an ice cream shop that is closed for the season.
The items started an investigation into Dulce's appearance in Ohio.
One of the items allegedly mentioned a truck stop and Dr. Phil, likely referencing a story he featured about Dulce's disappearance.
Alavez went missing in Bridgeton on Sept. 16, 2019. She was last seen at the Bridgeton City Park while playing with her younger brother.
Since then, the Cumberland County Prosecutor and the FBI have been trying to find any evidence that would point to who may have taken the girl. No solid leads have been uncovered.
Police have not revealed details of what was written in the letters concerning. They say that rumors that her body was found are false.
Authorities are offering a $75,000 reward for information leading to her whereabouts.