Raspberry Pi 4 on sale now, supports dual 4K displays

Raspberry Pi 4 is on sale now, sporting some nice upgrades - including 4K video support.
The small computer - about the size of a credit card - now supports dual 4K displays along with a host of other improvements.  The company boasts that it now offers "The complete desktop experience."
According to the Raspberry Pi website, the new model also comes with with Gigabit Ethernet, onboard wireless networking and Bluetooth.  The model - also sporting USB 3 - comes with 1G, 2G or 4G of RAM.  Starting price is $35.
Raspberry Pi says its goal is to get its inexpensive computer into the hands of anyone interested in programming. Amateur and hobbyist programmers have come up with some interesting projects using the hardware and software. The device has also become well-known among video game circles for being able to run software that emulates classic consoles.  
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