Rally pushes for bill that would allow driver’s licenses regardless of immigration status

State leaders and advocates rallied in New Brunswick Monday to call on the state to advance a bill to expand access to driver’s licenses.
The bill would allow eligible state residents to obtain a driver’s license, regardless of their immigration status.
"Undocumented immigrants are the lifeblood of so much of what happens and what drives New Jersey,” says Jun Choi with the group Jersey Promise. “As a state and as a nation built on immigration…we have to appreciate this."
Supporters of the bill say that it will help spur economic growth in the state. The Let’s Drive NJ campaign says that New Jersey would see over $90 million annually from fees and taxes if the bill is fully implemented.
Supporters also say that it would make the roads safer by having more licensed drivers out in public.
But opponents of the bill say that it rewards immigrants who have already broken the law by being in the country illegally.