Published reports: Man considers suing lawmaker who called him ‘jerk’ over tiny tip

Published reports say a restaurant patron is considering suing a lawmaker in Monmouth County who called him a 'jerk' on Twitter, and even called him out by name, for leaving a 74-cent tip on a bill over $100.
Republican Sen. Declan O'Scanlon shared an unedited photo of Anthony Dierolf's signed receipt on Twitter after hearing about a customer at the Colts Neck Inn who left a 74-cent tip on a $119.26 bill.
Dierolf, 37, of Pennsylvania, says he has spoken with lawyers to figure out what action he can take for having his personal information put on the internet.
O'Scanlon is drawing support, but also concern that an elected official was calling out a private citizen.
A woman claiming to be the waitress tweeted at O'Scanlon to thank him for standing up for her.
O'Scanlon has not removed the tweet.