Prosecutor: Man accused of killing woman in Warren County suffers fatal medical episode

Officials say Armond Avitable fatally shot Cheryl Schilling with a shotgun. He later died in police custody.

Matt Trapani

Feb 14, 2024, 1:23 AM

Updated 58 days ago


Two people have died following an incident in Columbia, Warren County on Monday night.
The incident happened at a home on Columbia Street. Police say Armond Avitable was staying at the home of Kevin and Cheryl Schilling. They say that a dispute started between them, and Avitable pulled out a shotgun.
Authorities say that Avitable fired off multiple shots as the Schillings tried to hide upstairs. Cheryl Schilling was shot in the arm and upper torso.
Avitable was able to escape and left the gun on the neighbor’s property, according to police. Cheryl Schilling died at the scene from her injuries.
Police were able to locate Avitable later that night, but when taking him into custody, he had a medical emergency and died at the hospital.

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