Proposed bill would install panic alarms in New Jersey schools

It will be a busy day for assembly members in Trenton today, and one proposed bill they are expected to vote on calls for an installation of panic alarms and emergency lights in New Jersey schools. 
The bill, if approved, would be known as Alyssa's Law, honoring former Woodcliff Lake teen Alyssa Alhadeff, who died in the mass shooting in Parkland, Florida.
The bill calls for the installation of panic alarms and red emergency lights in all New Jersey schools, which would be used in evacuations, lockdowns or active shooter situations.
The alarm would be an addition to existing security systems.
It would not be audible within the school building and must be directly linked to local law enforcement and immediately transmit a signal or message to the authorities upon activation.
Alyssa's Mother, Lori, made a passionate plea to President Donald Trump shortly after her daughter was killed in the shooting. 
"President Trump, you say, 'What can you do?' You can stop the guns from getting into these children's hands,” says Lori Alhadeff. “Put metal detectors at every entrance to the schools. What can you do? You can do a lot. This is not fair to our families that our children go to school and have to get killed."
The bill was passed in May by the Assembly Education Committee in Trenton.
The hearing falls on the same day as the teen accused of threatening to shoot up a high school graduation is due back in court.
A detention hearing is scheduled for Matthew Vanderbeek, 19.
Vanderbeek was arrested last week and he faces various charges, including terroristic threats.
According to authorities, Vanderbeek was trying to get a gun to use in the shooting.
He also apparently posted the threat on social media.
Leaders from government, healthcare, law enforcement and education will also discuss school safety this morning at Bergen Community College.
They've dubbed the gathering, Securing Our Schools and the Opioid Epidemic in Suburbia.