Pro-Palestinian group protests at Rutgers University amid group’s suspension

A pro-Palestinian group protested at Rutgers University on Thursday after the school temporarily suspended the chapter earlier this week. School officials say they have the right to suspend any student organization that might pose a threat to the safety and well-being of others.
The group – known as Students for Justice in Palestine – stated that none of the allegations the university listed are true.
"It's difficult to understand why a university of this caliber would do this to a group that is one of many groups on campus that champions diversity," said Duaa Abdulla, former president of SJP.
School officials released their own remarks earlier this week, stating the group disrupted classes, meal periods and students studying. The letter also notes alleged acts of vandalism at the School of Business.
Rutgers New Brunswick Chancellor Francine Conway noted the campus has seen a wide range of gatherings and events in response to the ongoing war between Israel and Hamas. She explained that while Rutgers is a public institution, these exchanges can’t come at the expense of individual and campus safety.
The student group says they never received any prior notices or warnings. They are going to try to challenge the allegations.
"I think that this is proof that we are on the wrong side of history, and that Rutgers University knows that they messed up, that they violated freedom of speech, that they violated due process and that they violated our privacy,” one student told News 12.
A counterprotest was held with pro-Israel students. Those students were located across the street.
Campus security attended the demonstration to make sure this protest remained peaceful.
The university says they are in the process of completing a thorough investigation into the matter- and as of now, the group will remain under an interim suspension.