Long Islanders stock up on supplies ahead of weekend snow

Long Islanders were out and about Thursday getting ready for a snowstorm set to hit Long Island Friday night into Saturday.
News 12 Long Island visited a hardware store in East Islip where the ice melt pile was dwindling down and the sale of shovels and snowblowers was picking up.
The biggest item people were walking out with was sleds. Many told News 12 they are happy with the timing of the storm, getting the chance to stay in and enjoy it on the weekend.

If you do have to leave during the storm, prepare your car by filling up and packing extra winter clothes, an ice scraper, a shovel, a first aid kit, snacks and water in case you get stuck.
Thunderbolt 12 will be out for the duration of the storm with live looks of the road so residents can know the conditions before walking out the door.