Power restored after being out for hours in East Orange

A power outage that left dozens of East Orange residents without air conditioning on a 90-degree day has finally been restored.
The outage happened around an eight-block area near Prospect Street around 4 a.m. Tuesday. PSEG says that the outage was caused by an underground fire overnight.
Among the affected buildings was a senior citizen complex. City officials were out most of the day making sure that the elderly residents had enough food and water to get through the 93-degree day.
“Our main concern is to keep them comfy. Make sure we’re checking each apartment for seniors who are there with oxygen. Give them arrangements to take them to cooling centers we have available,” Mayor Ted Green said.
Cooling centers were set up at several municipal facilities.
Many of the residents were able to go to friends’ or family’s homes, which still had power and air conditioning. Others decided to just tough it out in the shade outside their homes.
PSEG crews were still outside Tuesday night to finish repairs.