Positively New Jersey: Visit the world’s largest chili pepper farm

Many New Jerseyans are in for a long hot summer - and it has nothing to do with the weather. It’s the chili plants they're putting in the ground right about now.
The source for many fresh peppers in New Jersey and across the country is a Hunterdon County farm with the widest variety of chili pepper seedlings in the world.
It’s called Cross Country Nurseries in Stockton Township and they sell more than 500 varieties of pepper plants. Many folks are stocking up in person now during a brief six-week window when the greenhouses are open to the public. And 1,500 people a day are now ordering plants online from the website chileplants.com to plant in their farms, gardens and planters.
On today's "Brian's Positively New Jersey," Brian Donohue meets the owner of the farm and people who travel long distances to the unlikely center of the chili pepper universe.