Positively New Jersey: The story behind ‘Beached Cars of Brigantine’ calendar

If you try to drive your Tesla or Dodge Caravan onto the beach in Brigantine, there are a number of things that could happen. You could get stuck in the sand. You could get a ticket for not having a beach buggy permit.
Or you just might wind up featured in what has become an annual tradition – “The Beached Cars of Brigantine” calendar.
Started in 2021 as a one-off gag by Riptide Bait and Tackle shop owner Andy Grossman, the calendar is about to publish its fourth edition. And like the previous three years, it will likely sell out.
On today's "Brian's Positively New Jersey,” Brian Donohue visits Riptide Bait & Tackle to share a few laughs over the bone-headed decisions that have created a new Jersey Shore tradition.