Positively New Jersey: New book dives into what makes New Jersey great

A new book celebrates all things New Jersey.

Aug 29, 2022, 10:41 PM

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Writer Pooja Makhijani, daughter of south Asian immigrants, writes about how the Tastee Sub Shop in Edison became her family's introduction into American food and culture.
Photographer Lauren H. Adams documents old, beat-up couches tossed to the curb on the streets of South Jersey towns.
And cartoonist Lisa Rosalie Eisenberg illustrates the story of the Egg-o-mat, a Somerset County farmer's egg vending machine that winds up on the scrap heap after the farm is turned into strip malls.
These are just three stories in a new book called "New Jersey Fan Club: Artists and writers celebrate the Garden State."
The book includes four dozen short reads, from history and biology lessons to personal remembrances. There's artwork, photography, recipes and a crossword puzzle. Together, they reflect what is best about this state, the incredible variety of lived experiences in a small, crowded space.
On today’s episode of "Brian's Positively New Jersey,” Brian sits down with editor Kerri Sullivan to discuss the new book, which has landed square atop the list of "must reads" for New Jerseyans.

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