Positively New Jersey: Couple tries to eat at every diner in the Garden State

Jon and Karri Ricklin have made it their mission to visit every diner in New Jersey.

Mar 24, 2023, 2:54 AM

Updated 479 days ago


There is nothing more “Positively New Jersey” than eating at a diner with the one you love. But how about 200 diners? Or 400 diners? Well, one Bergen County couple is halfway through a quest to eat at every diner in the state.
Jon and Karri Ricklin are not reviewing or ranking the diners. There's a chance they may never even finish the list of every diner in the state.
It makes you think the entire endeavor is pointless until you realize that maybe, just maybe, the act of sitting down in a Jersey diner with the person you love most may be the entire point of, you know, everything.
On today's "Brian's Positively New Jersey,” Brian Donohue hits the Metuchen Diner as the Ricklins check off the 200th diner on their list.

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