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Police seize over 30,000 Tramadol pills from Barnegat home

Laurie Maxson illegally stored and distributed pain medication throughout New Jersey, prosecutors say.

Lanette Espy

Jan 31, 2024, 12:54 PM

Updated 167 days ago


A 54-year-old woman pleaded guilty Monday to narcotics distribution after police seized more than 30,000 pain medication pills and methamphetamine from a Barnegat home.
Ocean County prosecutors say Laurie Maxson, of Barnegat, admitted to storing and selling drugs. They say an investigation in July 2021 identified a residence in town being utilized by Maxson to illegally store and distribute pain medication throughout New Jersey.
About a week later, prosecutors said surveillance on the residence was set up and detectives monitored Maxson and her husband, Jason, as they left the home. A motor vehicle stop was then made and the Maxsons were both arrested.
Officials say police seized more than 30,000 Tramadol pills, an opioid, and hundreds of methamphetamine pills from the home.
Laurie and Jason Maxson were both transported to Barnegat Township Police Headquarters, where they were formally charged and released on a summons pending future court appearances.
Prosecutors say Laurie Maxson exonerated Jason Maxson at the time of her plea agreement on Jan. 29. According to officials, charges against Jason Maxson will be dismissed at the time of Laurie Maxson's sentencing. She faces five years in state prison when she is sentenced on April 12.

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