Police seek information on woman’s torn clothes found in the woods

Fair Lawn police say they hope the public can shed some light on a mysterious and suspicious pile of clothes found in a wooded area of town.
Borough resident David Carota tells News 12 New Jersey that his 5-year-old daughter first found the pile of clothes in a wooded area about 30 feet from the house.
“They were obviously very dirty. They were wet like they had been here for a while, rained on some. Upon first inspection it appeared that every single article of clothing had been cut,” Carota says.
Fair Lawn police say that the clothes were cut. The shirt and bra were cut right down the middle. Police were called to investigate and recovered four items of clothing – a shirt, bra, pair of jeans and underwear.
Police say that the clothes were found near 11th Street and Route 208 and are asking for information about them.
“We have received a few calls so far, but nothing is matched with the clothes,” says Fair Lawn Police Sgt. Brian Metzler. “We still await more calls and if people have information we will see where it heads."
Authorities say that residents should not be concerned. They say that right now there is no criminal case linked to the clothing. This also means that DNA testing is out of the question.
“We asked to see if we could send it out and the county or the state won’t accept it unless it’s associated with a crime or a victim,” Metzler says.
Because of the way the clothes were cut, some have speculated that they may have been taken off someone who was involved in a car accident where paramedics typically cut off a person’s clothing. However, police say that those clothing pieces are usually collected from a crash scene.
Anyone who may have information should call the Fair Lawn Police Department at 201-796-1400.