Police release autopsy report of fallen Deptford officer, man he was chasing

The Deptford Police Department has released the autopsy results of a fallen police officer and the man he was chasing after a police encounter.
The autopsy stated that Officer Bobby Shisler who died in May, suffered from gangrene and acute respiratory distress after being shot in the leg in March.
Mitchell Negron, the man Shisler was speaking with before the pursuit, was shot multiple times in the head and chest, according to the autopsy report.
Police body camera video from the incident shows Shisler speaking with Negron on Doman Avenue. He tells Negron that it is safer to walk on the other side of the street. He then asks Negron for his information and if there are any warrants out for him.
Negron takes off running and Shisler runs after him. Shisler chases Negron through a neighborhood until he finally tackles him near a house. Shisler’s body camera falls off. There is a struggle and gunfire can be heard, but not seen.
It is still not clear who shot Negron or Shisler. Authorities have not stated if Negron was armed or if any weapons were found at the scene.
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