Police: Man offered candy, puppies to lure girl

Police have arrested a Morristown man accused of following an 11-year-old girl and targeting her with sexual advancements.
Rene Alejandro Dominguez was charged with luring and endangering the welfare of a child. Police say the suspect followed a girl with candy and offered to buy her a dog in exchange for coming back to his room. Authorities believe he planned to sexually assault the girl.
The girl ducked into a neighborhood store before running home and telling her mother of the incident. Police credit the girl with bringing a potential attacker to justice.
Morris County prosecutor Robert Bianchi says suspects like Dominguez can be found anywhere and serve as a reminder to properly educate children on how to deal with predators. ?Working cooperatively with law enforcement is exactly how it should go,? says Bianchi.
Police are continuing to investigate the incident.