Police launch investigation into lewdness at HUB bar

The Hoboken Police Department has launched an investigation into the HUB bar after several videos surfaced of lewd behavior at an event this past weekend.
The “Hudson Ultra Bar” located on Hudson Place across from the Hoboken Terminal featured an appearance by the social media personality “The Slut Whisperer.” During the appearance several audience members apparently engaged in lewd behavior and simulated sex acts.
The venue received several violations from the Hoboken Alcohol Beverage Control.
Hoboken Mayor Ravi Bhalla says that the charges “serve to warn other bar owners that my administration will not tolerate this sort of behavior. This is not what Hoboken is about. It is not what the people of Hoboken deserve. And I simply will not allow it to happen again on my watch.
Bhalla says that the individuals involved in the acts were escorted out of the bar by management and security.
Managers for The HUB say, “We are talking all necessary measures to prevent anything of this nature from occurring again.”
A meeting with the ABC board will be held next week. The bar remains open.