Police: Kenilworth superintendent caught defecating near Holmdel field

A New Jersey school superintendent has been put on paid leave after police say he was caught defecating near another school’s track and football field on a daily basis.
Holmdel police say that they were alerted by Holmdel High School staff after the human feces were found over the course of several months. Police and staff monitored the area, which led police to identify the suspect as 42-year-old Thomas Tramaglini.
“I always assumed it was some student playing a prank or something,” says Holmdel High School student Jacob Snodgrass. “As soon as I found out it was an adult man, I was really taken aback…I really think he needs to get some help.”
Tramaglini is the superintendent of the Kenilworth School District.
Kenilworth school officials say that when they learned of the charges, Tramaglini asked for and was granted a paid leave of absence. Leaves can only be without pay if the person faces indictments or tenure charges, according to state law.
Holmdel students say that they cannot understand why Tramaglini would allegedly do this. They say that there are portable toilets close by, if he really needed to use that bathroom that badly.
“If it was our superintendent, I’d be pretty embarrassed,’ says sophomore Natalie Barbarino.
The story has sparked national attention and Holmdel school officials had to put out a statement to say that Tramaglini did not work for the Holmdel School District.
“I would expect someone in that position to not do something like that,” says senior Andrew Gargiulo.
Tramaglini was charged with lewdness, littering and defecating in public. News 12 New Jersey reached out to Tramaglini for a statement, but did not hear back.
Kenilworth Schools Academic Director Brian Luciani will assume the role of superintendent for Kenilworth for the time being, according to a statement.