Police euthanize coyote believed to be responsible for attacks at Rutgers

Rutgers University Police say that officers have killed a coyote believed to be responsible for two attacks on the campus over the past few days.
Police say that they saw the coyote Thursday near Parking Lot 105 on Rutgers’s Livingston Campus in Piscataway. This is close to the location of an attack that happened on Monday. Authorities say that the officers tried to get the coyote to move away from the populated area, but that it aggressively approached the officers. They say that the animal’s unusually aggressive behavior seemed to indicate that it was ill.
The officers euthanized the coyote once it was away from people. The carcass was picked up by an animal control officer, who will have it tested for rabies.
Police say that they believe that this particular coyote is responsible for attacking people on Nov. 14 and Nov. 18 near the Rutgers Ecological Preserve. Wildlife officials say that it is likely both attacks were perpetrated by the same coyote because coyotes typically will avoid people.
Wildlife officials had set up traps to try to capture the animal.
“The safety of our students, faculty, staff and visitors are the highest priority for Rutgers University and the RUPD,” Rutgers University Police Chief Kenneth Cop said in a statement.
The Rutgers preserve was closed following the attacks. Police say that it will remain closed for the time being.