Police: Deadly crash from pursuit in Neptune preceded by reported shooting

Police say a deadly crash was followed by a police pursuit over the weekend.
Police told News 12 the incident occurred on Sunday, immediately after a shooting was reported in neighboring Asbury Park.
News 12 learned the driver of the car was 32-year-old Dishawn Bellamy, who remains in the hospital with critical injuries. Tazzeer Reed, 17, did not survive.
"They were working him and giving him the oxygen and everything doing what they need to do to help him,” Catherine Kelly, a witness to the crash, said. “And putting the mask on him but he kept taking it off."'
Bellamy was driving a Ford minivan, when he crashed through a fence and plowed into a tree.
Police have learned more about why he and three others inside that car were speeding away from police. Before the crash, they say the car was in Asbury Park along Atkins Avenue where there was a report of shots fired.
Sources told News 12 it's possible those in the car were being shot at. Officers saw the vehicle taking off from the scene and gave chase as it sped away.
Authorities have confirmed that there were two others in the car. A 15-year-old and Justin Mayes-Wiggs, 33. He's charged with weapons possession and obstruction of Justice.
The shooting on Atkins is now under review by the Monmouth County Prosecutor. The state Attorney General's Office is following up on the police pursuit.