Police: Barefoot, intoxicated woman ‘karate kicked’ officers . . . again

Police in Franklin Borough say a woman found barefoot and intoxicated “karate kicked” two officers in the chest, as well as assaulted an EMT – again.
The incident happened Monday around 5:07 p.m. after officers were dispatched to the area of County Route 631 for a vehicle driving erratically with two flat tires.  
According to police, Sheila Celentano, 44, put up a fight when officers tried to arrest her, as well as continually yelled profanities. Officers were advised Celentano had exited the moving vehicle and began running away while the vehicle rolled into a ditch off the roadway.
Police say due to her level of intoxication, an ambulance was requested to transport her to a hospital. That’s when she kicked the emergency medical technician in the stomach.  
Celentano was charged with aggravated assault on a law enforcement officer, aggravated assault on an emergency medical technician, among other charges.
Sheila was processed and released, pending an appearance in Central Judicial Processing in Sussex County Superior Court. 
She was transported to the Newton Medical Center for evaluation.
Back in 2018, Celentano fought with two officers and "karate kicked" them when they responded to a 911 call, according to the police report.
She caused damage to one of the officer’s portable radios.