Police: 7 employees of NJ strip club arrested following evidence of prostitution

Police say five people who work at a strip club in Sayreville have been arrested after a search warrant revealed evidence of prostitution. It comes on top of two other employees already arrested.
It began with a search warrant at Club 35 back in May 2021. Police say that led them to evidence of some employees promoting prostitution.
During the initial search, officers say Jeannine Nichols, Jason Portes and Jennifer Hecker were arrested.
Then last Tuesday, police say officers carried out several more search warrants, leading to the arrests of Anthony Acciardi, Sr., Anthony Acciardi, Jr., Doreen Acciardi, Angela Mancini and again Jennifer Hecker.
The Acciardis were charged with money laundering, promoting street organized crime and promoting prostitution. Mancini is charged with money laundering and conspiracy. Hecker is charged with promoting prostitution.
All of the employees have been released from the Middlesex County Adult Correctional Center waiting for their court dates.