Police: 3 New Jersey Transit bus drivers attacked in past week

The latest incident was an attack against a 37-year-old Jersey City bus driver on Wednesday

News 12 Staff

Dec 23, 2022, 1:13 AM

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Three New Jersey Transit bus drivers have been attacked over the past week, including two in Jersey City, police say.  
The latest incident was an attack against a 37-year-old Jersey City bus driver on Wednesday. After the driver told a male and a female that she was just doing her job, police say the pair began to strike her multiple times on the face and the body before eventually fleeing the bus.  
The incident was captured on video by an individual who wishes to remain anonymous. They say the recording only shows one side of the story and believed the driver was the one who caused the incident.  
“The bus driver kept coming back. Kept coming back to fight her, and she was trying to get off the bus. The altercation just went from there,” she said. “You’ve got to defend yourself. No one is going to sit there and let another grown woman put their hands on them.”  
The witness explained that a handicapped man needed to be let on the bus where the man and woman in the video were seated. Instead of asking the two to move, the witness says the driver waved her hands in their face. 
“The bus driver was so aggressive… This is your job,” she said. “Everybody was scared. Little kids screaming and hollering. Nothing should be happening like that.”  
Law enforcement says the incident remains under investigation. In the meantime, New Jersey Transit said that "one assault on a NJ Transit employee is one too many.”  
This comes after an incident on Saturday night involving a bus driver accused of pulling an illegal handgun on a group of teenagers after they allegedly attacked him.  
A video of the incident has also been circulating through social media. 
The bus driver has been charged, and authorities say the teens involved may face charges as well.  
Gov. Phil Murphy has weighed in on the incident, stating, “You don't want to have to worry about coming into something where you don’t expect someone to have a gun, and somebody have a gun.” 
The union that represents the bus drivers says their hands are tied due to the criminal case. News 12 has reached out for comment regarding Wednesday’s incident and has yet to hear back.  

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